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10 strangest things to be insured

Posted on 20 January 2015

4 min read

Heidi Klum’s legs, Keith Richards’ finger and Santa’s beard...

For most of us insurance is about protecting our cars and home, but it also has a stranger, more interesting side. We’re talking about insurance for bits of celebrity bodies, Santa’s beard, alien abduction, and even the discovery of mythical creatures.

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When it comes to bizarre insurance policies, there’s one insurer on every celeb’s speed dial: Lloyd’s of London. They’ve insured legs, moustaches, space planes – and a whole host of other oddities. The list goes on, but here’s our pick of the 10 strangest things ever to be insured.

  1. Legs
    Heidi Klum’s go-on-forever legs are reportedly insured for a massive $2.2 million. Before getting the insurance, she apparently had to fly to London to have her pins ‘inspected’ by the Lloyd’s underwriter. We wonder how many employees volunteered for that job.
  2. Facial hair
    Australian cricketer Merv Hughes insured his famous moustache for an estimated £225,000. Merv’s walrus-like whiskers are indeed iconic, but Lloyd’s of London also insure the most famous beardy of all time: Santa. Not the real one, but the Father Christmas at Macy’s department store, New York.
  3. Tongue
    In the late 70s, Gene Simmons, the KISS bassist, insured his tongue for $1 million. Sound a lot? It’s small change when you discover that Costa Coffee’s chief taster Gennaro Pelliccia has his taste buds insured for a smooth £10 million.
  4. Nose
    Ilja Gort, the owner of Chateau de le Garde in Bordeaux has a policy that protects his conk to the sum of €5 million. There are however a couple of drawbacks. He won’t be able to claim if he takes part in winter sports, plays a boxing match – or breathes fire.
  5. A solitary finger
    Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has put a finger up to the world on many occasions - but it’s not the only thing his digit is famous for. It turns out he’s got that middle finger ensured for a whopping $1.6m. Not so he can tell people where to go, but so he can keep strumming his guitar.
  6. Manhood
    This is our last pick of celebrity body parts, so we’ll make it a good one. It is said that Van Halen singer, David Lee Roth, once took out insurance on his manhood before going on tour. His prized part, or ‘Little Elvis’, as it was nicknamed by the band, was insured for a rather sizeable 1 million bucks.
  7. Alien abduction
    It’s believed that actress Shirley MacLaine has insurance that will pay out $25,000 for any losses caused by alien abduction. And she’s not alone. Lloyd’s of London claim to have written over 20,000 policies for such an eventuality.
  8. Loch Ness Monster
    Find the Loch Ness Monster alive and we’ll give you a £1million reward. That was the exact challenge issued by Scottish Whiskey makers, Cutty Stark in 1971. After offering the prize, they also took out insurance to help them pay out if Nessie did made an appearance.
  9. World’s largest cigar
    The existing insurance at the Skansen museum in Stockholm mustn’t have covered 12ft long cigars, as the museum owner took out an extra policy to insure his world record-breaking 110kg exhibit.
  10. Death by laughter
    Back in the 1900s Lloyd’s of London issued a $1m policy that would pay out if any film-goers died from excessive laughter. And while we’re on the subject, American comedian Rich Hall, probably wins the prize for hardest claim to prove, having insured himself for $1 million just in case he loses his sense of humour.

If all this talk of insuring prized limbs, cigars and senses has you wondering what kind of crazy claims actually get paid, wonder no more. You’ll find just what you’re after in Top 5 biggest insurance payouts featuring Mr. Bean, a cat and a couple of icy patches.

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