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What is your
'Mum Salary'?

Mum with children

Mums really are superheroes and their efforts and commitment to the family are universally appreciated. Being a mum is a full time job, on top of careers or any other activities they may be part of. So what is your ‘mum salary'? Simply, enter the weekly hours for each of your motherly duties and we'll let you know what your ‘mum salary' is.

Taxi driver Mum

Whether it is driving the kids to school, a friend's house or one of the many activities they get up to, how many hours do you spend playing taxi driver for the family?

Chef Mum

Mums are known for their talent in the kitchen, but how many hours do you spend cooking meals or preparing lunches for your family?

Cleaner Mum

The amount of mess children make can be quite impressive, but how many hours do you spend cleaning up after them?

Laundry Mum

How do children manage to get through so many clothes in a week? We're not sure how either, but we want to know how many hours you spend doing their laundry.

Nurse Mum

Bruised knees, colds and even the occasional broken bone, kids get them all. How many hours do you roughly spend a week looking after them when they're not 100%?

PA Mum

“Mum can you get me a drink please?” and words such as these are probably heard more often than not. How many hours do you spend graciously responding to the requests of your children?

Teacher Mum

Time spent helping with homework and providing general life advice adds up; how many hours do you spend doing this with your kids?

Childcare Mum

How many hours a week do you spend playing nanny to the kids? Whether you're a stay-at-home mum or working, this includes tucking them in at night, telling them to brush their teeth, playing with them in the garden and just making sure they have a successful day.

Mum with kids

Your 'Mum Salary' is: £*

And here's how we worked it out...

  • Chef: £
  • Cleaner: £
  • Childcare: £
  • Taxi: £
  • Laundry: £
  • Nurse: £
  • Personal Assistant: £
  • Teacher: £
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Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or working each day, the contribution you make to your family is invaluable.

We know that if the worst were to happen to you, it would be impossible to replace you. Your partner may have to reduce their working hours or hire someone to cover all of the things you do for the family each day. We know that you are irreplaceable but over 50 life insurance is something that you could consider to help provide your family with the financial support they need.