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The life and times of the SunLife free pen

Posted on 23 November 2015

In the era of the tablet and smartphone, there’s still a place in our hearts for the humble pen. Especially a free pen. Over the years we’ve given away a staggering 1 million SunLife free pens!

To celebrate reaching this milestone and to honour all those who’ve done whatever it took to get hold of a SunLife free pen (sometimes more than once), we’ve created this video of the many amazing ways our pens are being put to use.

So where do you stand on our famous freebie? Is there always a trusty SunLife pen tucked in your inside pocket or handbag? Are you eagerly awaiting your 50th birthday so you can finally get your hands on one of your very own? Or do you believe it’s time the SunLife free pen ran out of ink?

5 stupendous stats about the SunLife free pen

  1. Everyone who enquires about the Guaranteed Over 50 plan gets a SunLife pen
  2. A SunLife pen is given away every 5 minutes
  3. The SunLife pen measures 13cm. The iPhone 6 is a teeny bit bigger. Coincidence?
  4. Originally made by Parker, the SunLife pen is now made by Schaeffer
  5. The pen now contains black ink. Until 1997 the ink was blue, even though our application forms had to be completed in black ink. Awkward

By the power of a million pens

1 million ballpoint pens could…

…draw a line from earth to the moon and back and still have ink left over.

…draw a line around the world over 20 times. But is there a toilet roll long enough for the job?

…supply enough ink for every single person on the planet to write an extra Christmas card.

…copy out every Harry Potter book 55,350 times. Now that’s a detention.

...sign over 60 billion autographs. The average signature is 1.45cm long apparently.

Amazing pen prize draw

A Sunlife gold pen

To celebrate giving away a staggering 1 million free pens, we gave away five limited-edition 22-carat gold versions of our famous pen in our Amazing Pen prize draw.

The prize draw has now closed.

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