• The UK’s only beard insurance

    • The UK’s only beard insurance
    • Open to all whiskered UK residents aged 18+
    • Protect your stubble – from just £3 a month
    • Fixed premiums – unlike your beard, your premiums will never grow
    • Malicious and accidental damage protection - at home and abroad
    • FREE beard warmer to welcome you
  • Beard Insurance

    Have you ever thought how your ego would cope if the worst were to happen to your beard? At SunLife, we understand you’re attached to your beard, which is why we’ve teamed up with Hirsute and Proud to offer the UK’s only Beard Insurance. From just £3 a month, you can have the reassurance of knowing that if you were to lose your beard, you wouldn’t lose face.

  • Affordable protection for your best feature

    Beard Insurance is open to any whiskered UK resident aged 18 or over. Never fear your beard getting brutally sheared or burnt at the barbie again. At SunLife, we make protecting your beard against malicious and accidental damage more straightfordable than it’s never been before.

    • No medical whatsoever - just answer a few lifestyle questions about your questionable lifestyle.
    • Choose how long you want beard cover for - cover will depend on the length of your beard when you apply.
      The term you choose must end by the time your beard reaches 50cm.
    • Or choose a monthly - from just £3 a month. Unlike your beard, your premium is fixed at the start and will never grow.
    • Choose extra cover – protect your moustache, goatee, sideburns or man bun for just a few pounds more.

    * Exclusions apply. Beards over 50cm will not be accepted and we reserve the right to refuse unkempt beards.

    Please remember, sporting a beard carries risk. Your beard may grow more or less than your great grandfather’s and bushiness cannot be guaranteed. If you shave for any reason, your cover will end and you’ll lose all credibility.

  • Watch our video to see why Beard Insurance is so important.

  • This page contains information on how Beard Insurance works. As it does not contain advice, you need to be satisfied Beard Insurance meets your needs. If you are unsure and need advice, please visit www.unbearded.org to find an Independent Facial Hair Adviser in your area - you may have to pay for the facial hair advice provided. 

  • Frequently asked questions

    • My moustache joins my beard. Is this covered too?

      As long your moustache and beard form one continuous ring of facial hair, it is covered by Beard Insurance.

    • I’m thinking of having my beard coloured, would I still be eligible for cover?

      As long as you have a beard and it remains within this policy’s maximum length limits, it will be covered regardless of what ridiculous colour you decide to dye it.

    • I’ve recently retired from my career as a bearded lady. Am I eligible for cover?

      As long as you have a beard and it remains within this policy’s maximum length, it will be covered regardless of your employment status. Please be aware that if you were to shave your beard off for any reason, your cover will end and your beard may never grow back.

    • I’m a wizard. Is my beard covered against spells and explosions?

      This would depend on the nature of the spells and explosions. Facial hair damage caused by reckless, wanton or downright unpleasant magic making would not be covered.

    • I only have a wispy chin curtain. Does this count as a ‘beard’?

      As long as the hair clearly clears the chin, it will be covered regardless of its relative insignificance.