• Life Insurance. Because they're worth it.

    Support your loved ones, with life insurance that pays out a cash sum if you die.

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  • Why life insurance makes so much sense

    Enjoy life, knowing they're protected with up to £500,000 of cover if the worst happens to you.

    Clear and straightforward life cover. You'll get a decision straight away, so you could be covered in minutes...

    Reassurance could cost a lot less than you think - premiums start from just £5 a month.

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    Your quote helps Winston's Wish tackle childhood bereavement. Plus, you'll be a step closer to protecting your loved ones - and your £60 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card.

  • What is Family Life Insurance?

    Simple and straightforward life cover for anyone aged 18-59.

    • Level-term life insurance with optional Critical Illness cover
    • Fixed premiums from £5 a month, and cover up to £500,000*
    • Policies available from 10-40 years, but cover must end by your 70th birthday
    • Single or joint life cover^
    • Apply in minutes with an instant decision

    Plus, you can choose Critical Illness cover to get 25% of your life cover early if you're diagnosed with one of the specified critical illnesses.

    *Depending on age and premium chosen

    ^Joint Family Life Insurance allows two people to be covered on one life insurance policy. The full cash sum can be paid out once during the term and this is when the first person dies. The policy would then end.

    The important information, in brief:

    • Leaves your loved ones a guaranteed cash sum if you die during your policy term - or if you're diagnosed with a specified critical illness if you've taken the additional cover 
    • Cover for UK residents aged 18-59
    • Provided by Scottish Friendly
    • As the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its value over time
    • Your premiums need to be paid every month throughout the term, if you stop, your cover will end
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  • How much life cover is best for me?

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    Our life insurance calculator is a handy tool that helps you get a feel for how much cover you might need. As well as looking at today - your savings, mortgage and monthly outgoings - it also gets you thinking about tomorrow.

    Try our life insurance calculator

    What about Critical Illness cover?

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    You can choose to take additional Critical Illness insurance. It pays out 25% of your life cover early if you're diagnosed with specified cancers, or suffer a heart attack or stroke, during your policy term as specified in the policy's
    Key features and terms and conditions.

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  • ‘Family first’ is second nature...

    You always put your family first-even if, with busy lives, they don't always see it. That's why it's worth considering life insurance. So even if you weren't around, you'd still be able to look after them.

    Find out more today. Why? Because they're worth it.

  • Supporting a great cause with your quote

    For every person who gets a quote, we donate £1 to help Winston's Wish tackle childhood bereavement. Find out how we help protect vulnerable youngsters, while helping you protect your loved ones.

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    Why more and more people are taking out Family Life Insurance

    a father and his daughter

    The following examples show how Life Insurance could help:

    We decided to support Dylan at University, when the time comes. Then I thought... what if I'm not around to help cover the costs? I got a quick life cover quote, and was covered within minutes.

    Steve and I bought our first home recently, quite late in life compared to some. Our mortgage provider said we should consider life insurance, which makes sense as one of us would probably struggle financially without the other.

    As soon as we had Erin, we arranged joint Family Life Insurance, simply for the peace of mind that Erin will have what she needs, come what may.

    For illustrative purposes only.
  • Think mums don’t need life insurance?

    Discover your ‘mum salary’ to find out how much it would cost to replace you, if you were no longer around.

    Life insurance: is it really worth it?

    You’ve got a lot on your plate and your budget is tight, so do you really need life insurance?

    How much does life insurance cost?

    These typical examples demonstrate what might be paid in and the amount paid out on death during the policy term.

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