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    From the day they are born, babies are out to challenge you when it comes to all of the strange places they find themselves and the mischief they can get up to as they grow. We know there are many things you will have to prepare for when expecting a baby, so, to make life easier we've created a baby-proofing guide. Simply go from room to room to find baby-proofing tips, as told by real parents.

    • The Kitchen ! ! ! ! ! ! The Kitchen
    • The Bathroom ! ! ! ! The Kitchen
    • The Hallway ! ! ! ! The Kitchen
    • The Living Room ! ! ! The Kitchen
    • The Nursery ! ! ! ! The Kitchen
    • Other Tips
      • Washer and Dryer DoorsKeeping washing machine and dryer doors closed at all times
      • Fireplace ProtectorsPlace guards in front of fire places to prevent your child from going near the flames and dirt
      • Curtain Cord TiesTo prevent kids from wrapping cords round their neck, this should be done in all rooms
      • Car SeatsEnsure you follow the manufacturer's guidance for installing a baby's car seat
      • Plug SocketsPlace plastic plug covers on plug sockets to protect your baby from electricity
      • Door Stoppers or Close DoorsPrevent your baby from trapping fingers in the door by keeping it open with a door stopper or keep them closed
      • Radiator CoversPlace radiator covers to stop babies burning themselves
      • Rearrange FurnitureRearrange your furniture to block dangerous things, such as plug sockets or sharp corners
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