• SunLife have enlisted the blossoming creative talents of several nursery school children to bring you a new kind of amusement. We are challenging your artistic eye and knowledge of the latest in celebrity entertainment with our quiz. See if you can guess who these nine celebrities are, based on the creative interpretations of toddlers.

    Drawing 1

    - by Skye, age 4 Childrens Drawing One

    Helen Mirren

    Statue of Liberty

    Princess Diana

    The Queen

    Drawing 2

    - by Skye, age 4 Childrens Drawing Two

    Boris Johnson

    David Cameron

    Edward Miliband

    Tony Blair

    Drawing 3

    - by Elise , age 4 Childrens Drawing Three

    David Beckham

    Ben Affleck

    Colin Firth

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Drawing 4

    - by Elise , age 4 Childrens Drawing Four

    Zayn Malik

    Bruno Mars

    Harry Styles

    Humpty Dumpty

    Drawing 5

    - by Amy , age 4 Childrens Drawing Five

    Mariah Carey

    Kim Kardashian

    Jennifer Lopez

    Rita Ora

    Drawing 6

    - by Phoebe , age 6 Childrens Drawing Six

    Gary Barlow

    David Bowie

    Ed Sheeran

    Calvin Harris

    Drawing 7

    - by India , age 4 Childrens Drawing Seven

    Taylor Swift

    Cheryl Cole

    Susan Boyle


    Drawing 8

    - by Rachel , age 6 Childrens Drawing Eight


    Mary J Blige

    Nicki Minaj


    Drawing 9

    - by Mia , age 6 Childrens Drawing Nine

    Victoria Beckham

    Emma Watson

    Jessie J

    Emily Blunt

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