• Critical Illness cover

    Straightforward protection that pays out if you're diagnosed with a critical illness.

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  • Our Critical Illness cover

    Put simply, if you've included Critical Illness cover with your Family Life Insurance, we pay out 25% of your life cover if you have a heart attack or stroke, or are diagnosed with a specified cancer during your cover term. This can help you and your family cope with the financial impact of a serious illness.

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    Life can be complicated. Critical Illness cover needn't be.

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    You might need time off work to recuperate. Or you may need extra funds for medical treatment or childcare - or because there's a family treat you'd like to fund. Life insurance with critical illness cover can help take the financial strain away from an already difficult time.

    Critical Illness cover - in practice

    See how critical illness insurance can make a difference

    Mike and Julie

    A busy working mum with three young boys, Julie was forever on the go, and a bit 'time-poor' for thinking about finances and the future.

    But she did believe life insurance was a good idea. And, for extra peace of mind, she decided to add critical illness cover to her policy.

    A few years later, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big shock for the whole family, but her critical illness cover made a big difference - paying out £100,000 of her £400,000 life cover straight away. It helped pay the mortgage while she couldn't work, and for a child-minder to help with school runs when Julie needed surgery - as well as the holiday of a lifetime for them all after treatment was finished.

    ^This story is for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate how Family Life Insurance could benefit you.

    The key facts

    Family Life Insurance pays out 25% of your life cover early if you're diagnosed with one of the specified critical illnesses - leaving the rest of your life cover in place if the worst happens.

    To see exactly which diagnoses trigger a Critical Illness cover payout, see the
    Key Features and Terms and Conditions.

    How Critical Illness cover could pay out

    Critical Illness cover pays out 25% of your life insurance cash sum if you suffer a heart attack or stroke, or are diagnosed with a specified cancer.

    Then if you die during the rest of the policy term, your family receives the remaining 75%.

    Consider joint cover

    You can also arrange joint Family Life Insurance with Critical Illness cover. This means 25% of the cash sum is paid out if either of you is diagnosed with a specified illness during the term. Then, if either of you dies during the rest of the term, we pay out the remaining 75% on the first claim.