• Why choose the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan?

    5 reasons to consider over 50 life cover

    With so many companies now offering over 50 life insurance, we understand it can be difficult to know which one to choose. To help you decide, here are 5 reasons why we believe the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan could be the right choice for you.

    Firstly, we’re the nation’s favourite1 for over 50 life insurance and over 880,0002 people have already chosen the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, so you’ll be in good company.

    The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is also the most affordable plan of its type with premiums from £3.90 a month3 – that’s the lowest premium on the market for this type of plan.

    The plan is both straightforward and affordable and over 90% of the plan’s new customers4 think SunLife is the most straightfordable life insurance company.

    The SunLife name has been around for over 200 years.

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we make the claims process simple for your loved ones because we understand what a difficult time it is for them. We’re proud to say we pay 9 out of 10 claims within 3 days of receiving the right paperwork, so the money’s with the people it should be when it should be.

    1. Most popular whole of life guaranteed acceptance plan bought directly. ABI statistics - 12 months up to 30 December 2015.
    2. As at 25 February 2016.
    3. £3.90 is the lowest premium on the market for this type of product as at at July 2016.
    4. 2015 Customer research. SunLife new customers were asked "Thinking about the phrase ‘Straightfordable’, which means straightforward and affordable, do you think that SunLife is the most ‘Straightfordable’ life insurance company?

    How easy is it to claim

    How easy is it to claim?

    We understand that making a life insurance claim is the last thing a family wants to worry about at such a difficult time so we've made it as simple as possible.

    When the time comes, all your loved ones will need to do is simply call us or write to us and we will help them with the rest. Once we’ve received the paperwork, we pay 9 out of 10 claims within just 3 days.

    You’ll be pleased to know that 96% of claimants were satisfied with our service.

    So you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones should receive their money from you quickly and easily.

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    SunLife offers a range of straightforward and affordable products including over 50s life insurance, funeral plans, life insurance, pet insurance, ISAs and Will writing services .