• Why choose SunLife to help sort your Will

    Starting from £99 for a single Will

    Legal professionals to help you every step of the way

    Arrange your Will in the comfort of your own home, over the phone or by post

    Free and secure storage of your Will

    How does the Will writing service work?

    It starts with a get-to-know-you call with Hugh James that will only take a couple of minutes. It will help you decide which is the right Will for you. Once you’ve decided, here’s what happens next:

    • An information pack is sent by post to help you think about what you want to include in your Will
    • Read through all the sections and answer the questions in the spaces provided
    • Hugh James will call, at a time that suits you, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. They'll go through the questions with you and answer any questions you might have. They’ll then use this information to draft your Will
    • If you’re making a joint Will, Hugh James can arrange to speak to you both on the same call, even if you’re in different locations. Just ask when you make your appointment
    • If you prefer, you can arrange your Will by post. Send back the completed form and the information will be used to draft your Will

    Once your draft Will is ready, we'll send you a written copy to check and approve. You’ll then receive the final version to store. Or, if you prefer, we can do this for you, for free. If you want to keep important documents in one place, we can also store your deeds together with your Will.

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    Why make a Will?

    Three words: peace of mind.

    If you’re over 18, a Will is your way of letting everyone know what should happen to your money, property and possessions after you die (together they’re called your 'estate').

    And it’s not just about your stuff. If you don't leave a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate and there’s no guarantee it will be a simple process. Whether you’re living with your partner, are separated, married or have children, a Will can give your loved ones a bit of extra security at a sensitive time.

    Make a Will today

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    What kind of Will do I need?

    There are different types of Wills available depending on your needs:

    • Single Will – one Will for one person
    • Mirror Wills – two Wills, usually for a couple or people with shared assets or loved ones
    • Wills including a trust – a trust is an arrangement where some or all of your assets are not inherited immediately but are held back until a time or circumstance that you have requested in your Will
    • Single codicil – this is a document that can be used to make minor changes to an existing Will
    • Mirror codicils – these are two documents that can be used to make minor changes to existing mirror wills

    Who is Hugh James?

    Hugh James know Wills inside out - they are one of the UK’s leading law firms*. We chose them as our partner because they understand how much our customers matter to us.

    They will talk about your Will in your language. They will guide you every step of the way. They will ensure your Will is exactly how you want it. And if you have any questions along the way, you can call them as many times as you like to talk things through. Through them, we offer a personalised, one-to-one legal service without the need to go to a solicitor’s office.

    * Source: Chambers & Partners

    Why choose this Will writing service?

    You could do it yourself, but will you get it right and will it be legal? The beauty of this service is that you get the experts for a great price. Our partner will help you create the Will you want. You can call as often as you like – all for one set price – so if you have any questions, just ask. It’s all about giving you confidence and certainty for the future.

    Why choose SunLife

    We believe you should have the right financial products and services to make your world better. To do this, we aim to keep things straightforward – by cutting out the jargon and keeping things nice and simple.

    We also think it’s vital to team up with the right people. Like Hugh James. We’ve done the hard work − finding the lawyers to write your Will − so you don’t have to.

    Make a Will today

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