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About us

A very warm welcome to SunLife

This page explains who we are and what we do. Read on to learn more about our history, our dedicated team, and the ways we celebrate life after 50.

What we care about

We know that some of the most important things to our customers are affordability, simplicity and having peace of mind.

That’s why we do everything we can to offer straightforward and affordable products that can help our customers put a plan in place for the future.

We celebrate life after 50 and recognise that for many of us, these can be the best years of our life.

Our mission

At SunLife our aim is to make later life a bit easier for people by offering straightforward and affordable financial services. Our products have been developed to meet the needs of the over 50s – so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for later life.

Our history

SunLife’s history goes all the way back to 1810, when our first ever office opened opposite the Bank of England in London. We became the first UK company to offer life insurance without a medical – in 1900! Then, in 1979, we introduced the very first plan for people aged 50 and over.

Why we’re the experts

SunLife is proud to have the UK’s most popular over 50s plan, with over 800,000 people choosing us over other providers.

We know that funeral costs are one of the main reasons why our customers come to us. Because of this, we keep a close eye on the industry and have been conducting the UK’s most thorough report on funeral costs for the last 15 years.

In our Big 50 Report, we talked in-depth to 50,000 people in their 50s, 60s and 70s, to really understand their interests and ambitions.

This gives us first-hand insight into what we can offer people and means that our products and services are truly rewarding.

We continue to conduct our own research into life after 50. For example finances after 50 or our report on ageism. This research and our reports are used by the likes of the BBC, national newspapers and the UK government to help the nation understand what people really value in later life.

We’re proud to work with leading finance journalists and industry experts to offer our customers inside tips and guides on handling finances in later life.

Our partners and regulators

SunLife is a fully-regulated member of the Financial Conduct Authority, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and the Data and Marketing Association.

Our partners are also members of the Equity Release Council (Age Partnership) and Funeral Planning Authority (Dignity).

Our customers

Our customers are our inspiration – they’re all proof that life after 50 is anything but dull!

Our priority is treating our customers with respect, honesty and friendliness.

Perhaps that’s why they’ve given us a higher rating for customer service than any other over 50s cover provider on Feefo – for three years running.

The SunLife team

Every person on our small but passionate team plays a part in keeping our products up-to-date, compliant and as rewarding as possible for our customers.

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like to work at SunLife, visit our careers page.

Say hello to some of the SunLife team…

Mark Screeton – CEO.

Mark Screeton


Justin Cole - Life business director.

Justin Cole

COO and Life business director

Read articles from Justin

Marie Aitken – Chief people officer.

Marie Aitken

Chief people officer

Lucinda Farrell – Director of Commercial.

Lucinda Farrell

Director of Commercial

Ian Atkinson – Marketing Director.

Ian Atkinson

Marketing Director

Ian Haskins – Director of Finance.

Ian Haskins

Director of Finance

Awards and notable mentions

Our Welcome to life after 50 campaign was created to better understand and engage with our customers.

The campaign became a multiple award winner – ‘best TV ad’ at the Mature Marketing Awards, ‘best financial services ad’ at the Masters of Marketing Awards, and Gold at The Drum’s Cream Awards.

Our campaign advert also won bronze at the prestigious APG Strategy Awards and was shortlisted for the DMA for Best Financial Services.

Our research into ageism, the Ageist Britain? Report 2019, was nominated for two awards in 2020, a PR Moment Award and an AMEC Global Communication Effectiveness Award.

Get in touch

We love getting to know our customers. If you’d like to chat, you can get in touch here.

Find us online

Or why not connect with us on social media? You’ll find all our latest news on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you have any questions about our products, services or SunLife in general, we’re here to answer them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQs below, contact us.

Q: Who owns SunLife?

A: SunLife is owned by Phoenix Group, Europe’s largest life and pensions consolidator. It was previously owned by AXA until 2016.

Q: When was SunLife founded?

A: SunLife’s history can be traced all the way back to 28 March 1810, when Sun Fire Office, the oldest documented insurance company in the world, launched a separate company offering life assurance.

It was named Sun Life Assurance Society, known today as SunLife.

Q: Where is SunLife based?

A: At SunLife, we have three UK locations.

One in Wythall, Birmingham – this is the official registered address of our headquarters.

Our two other offices are located in Bristol and Basingstoke.

Q: Who is the CEO
of SunLife?

A: Mark Screeton is SunLife’s CEO. He joined SunLife in 2021 and brought with him extensive leadership experience and a vast knowledge of the financial services sector.

Q: Where does the SunLife
logo originate from?

A: The SunLife logo dates back to the eighteenth-century fire insurance mark – a sun symbol used originally by the Sun Fire Office.

Fire insurance marks were metal plaques that insurance companies hung outside the buildings they insured to show their own fire brigade which buildings to extinguish if there was a fire.

Q: What products does SunLife offer?

A: SunLife provides fuss-free financial products mainly for people over the age of 50. Our Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the UK’s best-selling over 50s life insurance.

We also offer an Over 55 Equity Release Service, a Guaranteed Funeral Plan, and Home insurance.

Q: Does SunLife insurance
require a medical?

A: No. You don’t need a medical to apply for a SunLife over 50s life insurance policy.

In fact, if you’re aged 50 to 85 we guarantee to accept you without asking any medical questions.

Q: Where can I spend
my SunLife gift card?

A: You can use your gift card from SunLife online, in a number of high street stores, or at many UK attractions. From Argos to Iceland, M&S and Wilko, take a look at the full list of retailers to see where you can treat yourself – or your loved ones.

Q: How do I find out my
SunLife gift card balance?

A: If you wish to manage your gift card balance and spend online or via an app, you can activate your SunLife gift card online.

Checking your balance is quick and easy - you just need to type in the long number on your gift card, then click the ‘view balance’ button.

Q: Where can I find
SunLife’s contact number?

A: If you need to get in touch with SunLife, there’s a list of relevant phone numbers on our contact us page.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, phone our friendly UK call centre free on 0800 904 7674 to discuss a new plan or 0800 008 6060 for an existing plan.

Q: How can I email SunLife?

A: It’s easy to contact SunLife via email. Send your message to and one of our experienced team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Q: How do I make a
claim to SunLife?

A: You can make a claim over the phone or by writing to us. All the information you need to make a claim is in one place on this website. Just choose the product you wish to make a claim for and follow the simple instructions.

Q: Where can I find
my SunLife policy number?

A: Your policy number is in the Welcome Pack we sent you when you took out your SunLife policy. It’s also printed on the letters you receive from SunLife about your policy. If you can’t find either of these mailings, you can contact us and our friendly team will be able to help.

Q: Can I pay my
SunLife insurance online?

A: Yes you can. Simply pay the money from your bank account into ours.

You’ll need the following details:
Our sort code: 16-04-00
Our account number: 31310859
Your reference: Your policy number
It’s important that you use your policy number as the reference so we can allocate your payment to the right policy.

Q: How can I cancel
my SunLife insurance?

A: If you want to cancel your SunLife insurance policy, please let us know by phoning our friendly UK call centre.

The phone numbers for all of our products are listed on the Making changes page of this website.