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SunLife Over 50’s plan reviews

The SunLife Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the UK’s most popular over 50s life insurance, with over 870,000 policyholders. With 98% of new customers saying they would recommend our plan, we are proud to share thousands of our real customer reviews.

Real customer reviews

At SunLife we love hearing what our customers have to say after they’ve taken out an over 50 plan with us.

And as a feefo Gold Trusted Service partner for the third year running, we’re proud to clearly share our real customer reviews.

Based on thousands of reviews over the past year, our customers have given us 4.8 stars for our service. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews.

Why do customers choose SunLife?

With over 870,000 customers and thousands of reviews, you’re probably wondering why so many people choose SunLife’s over 50 plan. What makes the SunLife plan stand out?

To give you an idea, here are five good reasons:

1. Trusted – more people trust us with their over 50s plan than any other provider3.

2. Affordable – our customers choose us because they want an affordable way to leave some money behind for their loved ones. The Guaranteed Over 50 plan start from £3.70 a month.

3. Easy applicationapplying online is easy, with no medical questions and guaranteed acceptance. We give customers the information they need to decide if the SunLife plan is right for them.

4. Fixed monthly cost – we will never increase your agreed monthly premium. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and that’s all you need to pay each month until you die to guarantee your cover. Or if you want to stop paying your premiums earlier, you can choose our Premium Cap Option.

5. Guaranteed pay out – we promise to give your family the agreed pay out when you die, to help cover your funeral costs or as a gift to remember you by (if you’ve paid your monthly premiums and had your plan for a year).

Hear from our customers

From listening to individual needs to giving straightforward information, we spoke to a few of our customers to see what they had to say after buying a SunLife plan.

Video transcript
What our customers think about us

So let’s hear from a few of them…

Customer 1 - I contacted SunLife and they offered me exactly what I wanted.

Customer 2 - When that advert came on the iPad I thought I’m going to do it.

Customer 3 - It has given me peace of mind.

Customer 4 - It’s giving your loved ones the best.

Customer 5 - Everything was laid out.

Customer 1 - What they told us was to the point.

Customer 3 - It was a product that I needed.

Customer 6 - They talk to you as a person.

Customer 7 - They just listened to me as an individual.

Customer 8 - It was very, very straight forward.

Customer 3 - That’s what I want, especially at my age I want simplicity.

Customer 9 - SunLife were very easy to deal with

Customer 7 - It was just totally you know, easy-peasy.

Customer 1 - I don’t have to worry it.

Customer 5 - The only question I had was ‘where do I sign?’

Customer 10 - I’d recommend SunLife to everybody that I come across.

Customer 5 - I would recommend SunLife to anybody.

Customer 3 - You don’t get well known by not having good products.

Customer 1 - As far as I’m concerned SunLife gives you the right answers that’s all you need to know.

Customer 5 - I believe even if we were royalty we wouldn’t have been treated any differently.

SunLife’s heritage

When asked why they chose our over 50s insurance, many of our customers say they trust SunLife because of our heritage. SunLife’s roots go back more than 200 years and in 1900, we were the first ever company to offer life insurance without a medical.

Still offering no medical insurance today, we believe we’ve become a household name for over 50s. And if you watch daytime TV, you’ll have probably have heard about The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan.

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Important things to consider

  • A fixed cash sum is paid when you die, after you've had your plan for one year.
  • If you stop paying your premiums, your insurance will end and you won’t get anything back
  • Depending on how long you live, you could pay more in premiums than the cash sum paid out.
  • Inflation reduces buying power over time.
The smallest print

1. 98% of new customers saying they would recommend the SunLife Guaranteed Over 50 Plan - SunLife Continuous Research Programme.

2. Most trusted - Source: Association of British Insurers statistics.

3. Further information available at

4. Terms and conditions apply