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If you're over 50, you'll remember these school dinners

Last reviewed 11th January 2024
2 min read

We asked over 50s all about their memories of school dinners, and which meals they missed most.

From the days when blackboards were still a thing, and we all sat down for a square meal during lunch, would you vote the same way?

In a cross generational study, we asked British over 50s and current school children about their attitudes to school dinners.

Our survey showed us that the majority of over 50s look back fondly on their school dinners, while current school kids can't seem to stomach theirs!

We wanted to know what kids today would think of our over 50s favourites so we decided to put it to the test. Watch below to see their reactions...

As you can see, the reviews were mixed!

According to our study, 71 percent of school-aged kids believe that school dinners are far worse now than when their parents were at school. And if our video is anything to go by, we think they might be right!

Whether we recall those days fondly, or we're still trying to forget, school dinners are a British institution.

For some of us, they were the best thing ever – fish and chip Fridays, jam roly poly, spotted dick and custard!

But others are glad to see the back of them – there's no forgetting the smell of cabbage cooking in the dinner hall.

So which meals did our over 50s miss most? We asked the British public their top choices, and the results are in. Would you vote the same way?

School dinners we miss the most

  1. Jam roly poly
  2. Treacle tart
  3. Spotted dick
  4. Rice pudding
  5. Angel Delight
  6. Custard
  7. Lemon Meringue pie
  8. Pink custard
  9. Toad in the hole
  10. Bubble and squeak
  11. Steak and kidney pie
  12. Liver and onions
  13. Mince and potatoes
  14. Ice cream scoop mash
  15. Spam fritters
  16. Lemon curd pie
  17. Blancmange
  18. Tapioca
  19. Corned beef
  20. Cauliflower cheese
  21. Braised steak
  22. Lancashire hot pot
  23. Tinned peas
  24. Apple with crackers
  25. Scouse

We took to Facebook to find out which meals you most hated at school and there were some repeat offenders.

Among them we saw lumpy mash, tapioca, boiled cabbage and spam fritters as some of your most loathed school meals.

So many of you recalled the dreaded “frogspawn” filling your dinner tray and having a beady-eyed dinner lady stand over you while you finished every mouthful.

Our survey suggested over 50s think the modern generation of kids is much pickier than they were at the same age. Would you agree?

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