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The Best Freebies and Discounts for Over 50s in the UK

Last updated 24th January 2024 by the SunLife Content Team

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Getting older is not without its perks. Over 50s discounts are just the start – as you reach 55, 60, and beyond, you can get a whole host of freebies, schemes, and concessions, that can help to make your money go further.

With so many senior discounts to take advantage of, it can be hard to keep track. We’ve broken them down by age in this guide, highlighting some of the best freebies and discounts available to over 50s and over 60s in the UK.

Discounts for ages 50 and over

When you turn 50, you start to get many different perks and discounts in the UK. These can help you to save on travel, the cinema and more.

Travel discounts

If you like to explore, you can take advantage of a number of travel discounts for over 50s.

Keen on the idea of a Caledonian adventure? Discover more of Scotland for less with a Club 50 membership from ScotRail( opens in a new tab). Whether you want a trip to the Highlands or a city break, your Club 50 card gets you discounted train travel across the country plus 50% off hot and cold drinks on board for just £15 a year.

In England, you can join Greater Anglia’s Club 50( opens in a new tab) for discounted travel across many of the home counties and beyond.

Cheap cinema tickets

Evenings out can also get a whole lot cheaper in your 50s. Discounted cinema tickets are available nationwide through Odeon’s Silver Cinema( opens in a new tab), and many local cinemas. For example, there are deals at independent venues like London’s Regent Street Cinema( opens in a new tab) and the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield( opens in a new tab).

Over 50s life insurance welcome gift

Getting life insurance is a step that many people take at this age. And you might as well reap the rewards if this is something you plan to do. When you take out a Guaranteed Over 50 Plan or Guaranteed Inheritance Plan with SunLife, you’ll get a free welcome gift card. You can spend it at hundreds of high street shops, including Marks & Spencer, Argos, Iceland, Boots and many more.

Over 60s discounts in the UK

Some of the best discounts are for over 60s in the UK. All of the real money savers come into play at this age, with loads of free stuff and discounts on offer.

A bonus freebie for over 75s – if you or your partner receive Pension Credit, you can apply for a free TV licence.

Healthcare and prescriptions

Trips to the pharmacy can become much cheaper with free NHS prescriptions for over 60s( opens in a new tab). This could save you a lot of money given that prescriptions otherwise cost £9.65 per item.

People in their 60s are also entitled to free NHS eye tests( opens in a new tab). If you need glasses, Boots Opticians( opens in a new tab) and Specsavers( opens in a new tab) offer big discounts for over 60s. So you can get more bang for your buck on everything from reading glasses to designer shades.

Depending on your circumstances, you could be eligible for support with other healthcare costs such as:

  • Dental care on the NHS
  • Travel costs to receive NHS treatments
  • The cost of wigs and fabric supports.

For more information, visit Age UK’s guide to NHS health costs( opens in a new tab).

Retail bargains for over 60s

Many shops have deals that are exclusive to over 60s, so it’s worth checking online or asking in-store before you buy.

For example, Boots offers over 60s rewards for Advantage Card holders( opens in a new tab). These include extra points on your purchases and free points when you sign up for a free card or take a hearing test.

You can get cheaper car care with Club 60 from ATS Euromaster( opens in a new tab). It gives you reduced MOT prices as well as 15% off servicing and certain car parts.

On Tuesdays over 60s can also claim a 10% discount on your weekly shop at Iceland( opens in a new tab). Small discounts that can be repeated weekly are a great way to save money on your regular food shop.

Eat out for less

Heading out for a bite to eat? Look out for restaurants that have reduced prices for over 60s. Several pub and restaurant chains such as Greene King( opens in a new tab) have a discounted seniors menu at many locations.

Discounts on days out

Just at the age when you’re starting to get more free time, you can plan day trips for a fraction of the cost. Whatever you’re into, over 60s can enjoy discounts on a wide range of different days out:

Cheaper travel for over 60s in the UK

You can get over-60 bus passes throughout the UK, which allow you to travel on buses and other public transport for free. You can apply at age 60 in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London, or at state pension age elsewhere in England. You can learn about the rules in your area and apply for an older person’s bus pass( opens in a new tab) via the site.

Train travel is also cheaper for those over 60. A Senior Railcard( opens in a new tab) gives you ⅓ off the price of train tickets and costs £30 for one year or £70 for three years, so you can make your money back in just a few trips. There is also a range of other offers for railcard holders( opens in a new tab), including:

  • Discounted rates at Hoseasons Parks and Lodges.
  • A 3 month Tastecard membership for discounted meals out.
  • 20% off Virgin Experience Days.
  • Up to 50% off at the theatre with Railcard Theatre Tickets.

Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment( opens in a new tab) can be a huge boost in colder months. The Government offers a tax-free lump sum of between £250 and £600 to those born on or before 25 September 1957 to help pay for heating bills. This amount is higher than usual in winter 2022/3 and winter 2023/4 as it includes a Pensioner Cost of Living payment of £150 to £300.

How much you get per household is based on who lives in the property and when they were born. You will receive the full amount of £600 if you live alone and were born on or before 25 September 1943. Visit the page( opens in a new tab) to learn how much you’ll get in other cases.

Those who get the State Pension or other social security benefits will receive this money automatically, but you can still make a claim on the site( opens in a new tab) if this doesn’t apply to you.

Free gas safety check

If you are over state pension age or receiving pension credit, council tax benefit or housing benefit, you could get a free gas safety check from your supplier. This not only ensures your appliances are safe, but could save you money on your bills if they find a leak.

If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for arranging regular gas safety checks.

National Insurance exemption

Once you reach State Pension age, you’ll also be exempt from paying National Insurance( opens in a new tab) if you keep working. You still have to pay Income Tax, but the amount you save is still a good chunk of your earnings, as the National Insurance contribution (NIC) rate is currently 10%.

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