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Terms of Use

Effective from 31st January 2024

About these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use set out important information about the basis on which we make this Website available to you.

Who we are

This Website is brought to you by SunLife Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, company number 05460862, registered office address Wythall Green Way, Wythall, Birmingham B47 6WG.

SunLife Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services Register, registration number 769427.

SunLife Limited is referred to as we, our and us in these Terms of Use.

Who this Website is for

This Website is for use by consumers who are residents of the United Kingdom only.

We refer to people accessing and using this Website as you and your in these Terms of Use.

If you, or the person you are acting on behalf of, are accessing this Website for commercial purposes your use is also subject to the Additional Website Terms of Use for Businesses set out in the last section of these Terms of Use.

Financial Services Products

Certain regulated financial services are carried out by us through this Website.

Any financial products you enter into via this Website are subject to product specific terms which are separate to these Terms of Use.  Product specific terms will be provided to you as part of any purchase of a product and you must carefully consider the terms of the product and whether it meets your demands and needs before entering into any product.

Where we arrange a product for you which is an insurance policy we arrange the policy as the agent of the insurer under the policy (the insurer can also be referred to as a provider or manufacturer of the insurance).  We do not act as your agent when we arrange an insurance policy.

Content on this Website is not advice

This Website provides factual information and guidance only.

This Website does not provide financial advice or legal advice or other professional advice.

You must take care when making any decisions as a result of information or guidance on this Website.   You should consider whether you wish to take financial advice and/or legal advice tailored to your personal situation, before choosing any financial product from any company or making important financial or legal decisions. 

Other businesses we introduce you to may provide you with advice.  These businesses will explain to you whether they are acting on an advised or non-advised basis.  We are not responsible for advice provided by other businesses.

Guides, Articles, Stories & Mini Money Tips Content

The guides, articles, stories and mini money tips on this Website provide factual information and guidance only.  The last updated date tells you when the content was last checked and updated.

Your Personal Data

Our Privacy Notice and our Cookies Policy explain how we and certain other businesses we work with use your personal data.

Copyright and Trade Marks

Content on this Website is protected by copyright and this Website also contains registered and unregistered trade marks of SunLife and other business.  Our registered trade marks on this Website include the name SunLife and the SunLife logo.

You must not use any content from this Website for commercial purposes without obtaining written permission from us.

This Website contains registered trade marks of SunLife and other parties. 

Availability of our Website

We aim to make this Website available 24 hours a day.  However, this is not always possible, for example where matters outside of our control occur or where we or other businesses we work with are carrying out maintenance or updates to IT systems.

Changes to this Website

Content on this Website can frequently change with content being amended or removed and new content added.  For example, we may remove or amend content at any time where it needs to be updated. 

Changes to these Terms of Use

We may make changes to these terms of use in the future, changes will only apply to your use of this Website after the date on which we make the change.

3rd party websites

This Website contains hypertext links to third party websites.  SunLife is not responsible for websites provided by third parties which you may access via links on this Website.

These Terms of Use apply to this Website only.  3rd party websites which can be accessed via this Website may be subject to separate terms of use.

Applicable Law and Complaints

Use of this Website is subject to the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts, however, you may also have rights to pursue certain complaints about us via the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can find out how to raise a complaint with us as well as information about the Financial Ombudsman Service on our Complaints page.

Additional Website Terms of Use for Businesses

This Website is not made available for commercial use by you other than to the extent you are exercising rights permitted by law or are exercising rights which we have granted to you under an agreement which we have entered into with you or the person with whose authority you are acting. 

Unless you have our express written permission:

  • you must not conduct, facilitate, authorise or permit any text or data mining, web scraping or machine learning or training in relation to this Website;
  • you must not permit, authorise or attempt the use of any of the following on or in connection with this Website or its content:
    • any machine learning, robot, bot, spider, scraper or other automated device, machine, software, program, tool, algorithm, code, process or methodology to access, obtain, copy, modify, monitor, read, learn, train, or republish any portion of this Website or any data, content, information or services accessed via the same;
    • any automated analytical technique aimed at analysing text and data in digital form to generate information which includes but is not limited to patterns, trends and correlations.