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Guaranteed Inheritance Plan claims

Here is all the information needed to make a claim.

Making a claim by phone

To make a claim, please get in touch with the Guaranteed Inheritance Plan Customer Service team, who’ll let you know what information is needed.

Call: 0800 086 8937

Lines are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, except on UK public holidays.
Calls will be recorded and may be monitored for training and quality assurance purposes.

Making a claim in writing

Write to:


Before a claim can be paid, it will need to be assessed and some important information will be required. The reasonable cost of all medical information will be returned. If all the information that's needed is not provided it may not be possible to complete the assessment of the claim.

A completed claim form will always be needed and depending on the nature of the claim, some or all of the following information may also be needed:

  • the birth, marriage, or death certificate of the life insured
  • confirmation of identity and entitlement of the claimant
  • any other evidence of a change of name
  • medical evidence relating to the life insured, which may include:
    • a report from the life insured’s treating doctor or a consultant
    • access to full medical records

If a claim for the cover amount is accepted, any payments will be made into a UK bank account of the person who reasonably demonstrates they’re legally entitled to receive it. This will depend on the circumstances at the time and whether you’ve nominated a beneficiary or put the policy in trust.