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Almost a quarter of a million over 50s have had cosmetic surgery following pressure to look younger

Two in five people aged 50 and over are feeling the pressure to stay young and some will go to extreme lengths to achieve it, according to the latest research from over 50s insurance experts SunLife.

Retirees worried cash will run out before they die

More than a third (35%) of retirees are worried their cash will dry up before they die and a quarter say they don’t think they have enough money in their pensions to cover their retirement, according to SunLife’s Big 50 research.

Life after death? 63% use social media and 77% buy online yet just 3% have made plans for their digital legacy

While we are more than willing to buy online, chat online and share online, the vast majority of us - 97% - have made no plans for what will happen to our ‘digital legacy’ when we die.