• Our privacy policy

  • Your privacy and security is important to us. Our privacy policy explains how we use any personal or sensitive personal information we collect about you.

    The information we collect about you

    AXA Wealth Ltd and AXA Wealth Services Ltd both trade under the brand name SunLife. We collect the following personal and sensitive information:

    Personal information

    We collect personal information about you when you request a quote for any of our products or services. This includes your name, address, gender, date of birth and telephone number. Should you decide to purchase one of our products we will need to collect additional personal information, such as your bank account details. We may also request additional information about you from a third party such as credit agencies, customer research companies or customer segmentation and data cleansing agencies.

    Sensitive personal information

    Depending on the product and service you apply for, some of the information you may be asked to provide could be classed as sensitive personal information. For example, we may need to ask you about your health or medical history. We'll only ask you for this sensitive personal information if it is necessary to set up and administer your policy.

    How will we use the information about you?

    We will hold and use your personal information:

    • To set up and administer your policy
    • To manage a claim
    • To give you a quotation and answer any questions you may have
    • To keep your personal information accurate and up to date
    • For business analysis - to review the services we offer you
    • For market research - to improve and develop our products and services
    • To manage complaints
    • To collect debts, trace debtors
    • To prevent fraud and money laundering

    We will record your personal information on our policy administration system and marketing database (please see the paragraph below on our use of your data for marketing purposes), and we may keep it on paper files where necessary to set up and administer your policy.

    To assist us in the processing of your personal information, we may use other companies in the Phoenix Group or companies who work under contract for us; this may include companies located outside of the European Economic Area. We will ensure that all of these other companies protect your personal information by applying the same standards of security as we do.

    Banking data

    In order to process some payments through the banking payments system, the bank may require to transfer your personal information to countries which do not provide for the same level of protection for personal information as the UK. This may be provided to overseas authorities in order to comply with applicable legal obligations and to investigate and prevent crime and terrorism.

    Access to medical reports - SunLife Insurance

    If you take out a SunLife Insurance policy, we may need to get medical reports in the event of a claim. By applying for SunLife Insurance, you are consenting to this. We will treat these medical reports with additional confidentiality as they are sensitive personal information.

    In the event of death

    We may request limited information about your health and medical records from your doctor, but this will be limited to the information necessary to satisfy the claim. When you provide your consent to the disclosure of your health information and medical records in the event of a claim, this also includes disclosure by your doctor for medical information about you after your death.

    In the event of a terminal illness claim

    (Your Rights under the Access to Medical Reports Act) 1988 (Access to Personal Files and Medical Reports (Northern Ireland) Order 1991)

    Please read this carefully

    Under the terms of your policy, we will require the completion of a medical report by any doctor who is or has cared for you. In this connection, you should know that you have certain rights under the Access to Medical Report Act 1988 (Access to Personal Files and Medical Reports (Northern Ireland) Order 1991).

    The Act requires us to obtain your consent before we apply for a medical report from a doctor who has cared for you and enables you, if you wish, to ask the doctor to let you see the report, or a copy of it, before or after it is sent to us. Full details of your rights under the Act are set out below:

    1. You can withhold your consent to our applying to your doctor for a medical report, but we may be unable to proceed with your claim in the absence of medical information.
    2. You can give your consent and say that you do not wish to see the report before it is sent to us. In this case, we will not notify you when we apply for one, but you may, nevertheless, change your mind and request your doctor in writing to let you see the report, or a copy of it:
      a) before it is sent to us; in this case, you will then have 21 days from our request to make arrangements with your doctor to see the report; or
      b) after it has been sent to us; in this case, you may ask the doctor for a copy within six months and we will send a copy to your doctor.
    3. You can give your consent and say that you do wish to see the report before it is sent to us. In this case, we will tell you when we write to the doctor and we will then tell him/her you wish to see the report. You will then have 21 days to contact the doctor to arrange for you to see the report.
    4. Once you have seen the report before it is sent to us, the doctor cannot submit it without your consent. You can write to your doctor, asking him/her to amend any part of the report you consider to be incorrect or misleading, and have attached to the report a statement of your views on any part where you and the doctor are not in agreement and which the doctor is not prepared to alter.
    5. The doctor can withhold any part of the report from you for a number of reasons; he/she can do so if, for example, he/she considers that disclosure would be likely to cause physical or mental harm to you or to others. In such cases, the doctor must notify you and you will be limited to seeing any remaining part of the report. If it is the whole report which is affected, he/she must not send it to us unless you give your consent.

    Your doctor will be asked to only give medical information which relates to the claim. Additionally, your doctor is asked not to reveal information about:

    • Negative tests for HIV, Hepatitis B or C;
    • Any sexually - transmitted diseases unless there could be long-term effects on your health; or
    • Predictive genetic test results unless there is a favourable result showing you have not inherited a condition that your family suffers from.

    The information your doctor provides about your health may affect any claim you may make.

    How we may share your information

    We may share your personal information with third party verification services and credit reference agencies, to help prevent financial crime. We may also share your information with other organisations as necessary in order to meet our legal obligations.

    We may also share your personal information with other companies within the wider Phoenix Group including AXA Wealth Ltd and AXA Wealth Services Ltd.

    If you have purchased a product or service from a product provider that we work with, we will provide them with information about that purchase.

    Where we are introducing you to another product provider and you have chosen to buy their products or services, we will provide your personal information to them for administration purposes. They will provide you with their privacy policy, if you request it.

    If you have been introduced to SunLife by another company, we may provide them with your personal information if they request it. This may include changes to your personal information e.g. change of address.

    We will not share any health or medical information (sensitive personal information) about you and we will not sell your personal information to another company.

    Marketing communications

    From time to time, we'd like to send you information about other products and services you might be interested in. This information could be from AXA Wealth Services Ltd (trading as SunLife) and other companies within the Phoenix Group. We may also introduce you to other products and services from other companies that we work with, but we will never sell your personal information to another company.

    We may do this by post, phone, SMS (text message) or email.

    If you prefer we didn't do this (and you have not contacted us already to tell us that you do not wish us to do this) just give us a call on 0800 904 7678 - it's that simple. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm).

    Or write to us at - SunLife, PO Box 7054, Willenhall, WV1 9ZH.

    Otherwise we will assume you are happy to be contacted in this way for the time being.

    Accessing and correcting your information

    You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please write to us at the following address:

    mail us

    The Data Protection Manager
    1 Wythall Green Way
    B47 6WG

    We may make a small charge for this service.

    Our Cookies Policy

    For information on cookies and the way SunLife use cookies, please see our cookies policy.

    Links to 3rd party websites

    Our website may link to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to this website so when you link to other websites you should read their own privacy policy.

    How to contact us

    Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or information we hold about you. Write to us at: SunLife, PO Box 7054, Willenhall, WV1 9ZH.

    If you have any questions regarding anything else, please call our customer services team on 0800 008 6060 or visit our contact us page. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm). Call charges vary depending on your phone provider.

    Our financial crime policy

    (e.g. verifying your identity to prevent Fraud and Money Laundering)

    Your security is important to us. That's why to verify your identity and prevent financial crime, AXA Wealth Ltd may use and share your information with any company within the Phoenix Group, with companies who work for us and with appropriate organisations.

    We may also search, send your details to, and use information from third party verification service providers and financial crime and credit reference agencies (Third Parties). This involves checking your details against databases these Third Parties use. Phoenix Group and these Third Parties may keep a record of the search, the results of the search, any suspicions of financial crime and the details may be used to assist other companies for verification and identification purposes. The search is not a credit check and your credit rating should be unaffected.

    By accepting our Terms of Use you are giving consent to these activities which will make it easier for you to do business with us and help prevent financial crime. For more information, please visit our Financial Crime page.

    You can download a copy of our Privacy Policy here.