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Authors at SunLife

At SunLife, we work with industry experts on our articles and guides. From planning your finances, to making the most of life after 50, our authors are here to help.

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James Daley - Fairer Finance founder and Managing Director.

James Daley

Money expert, journalist, founder and Managing Director of Fairer Finance

James has 20 years’ experience in financial services as a consumer campaigner, journalist and Managing Director of ratings company, Fairer Finance.

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Jasmine Birtles - Money expert.

Jasmine Birtles

Money expert, financial journalist, TV and radio personality

Jasmine is a recognised financial expert with over 23 years’ of experience. She is also the founder of Money Magpie, a trusted self-help money site.

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Simon Stanney.

Simon Stanney

Simon was the Phoenix equity release expert and equity release director at SunLife for a combined total of eight years. He has over 25 years’ experience in financial services from a range of sectors.

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Justin Cole.

Justin Cole

Justin was a specialist in financial planning and over 50s products – including over 50 life insurance – at SunLife for 25 years. He was a chartered financial accountant with 30 years’ experience in financial services.

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Tim Duncan - Senior Controls Executive.

Tim Duncan

Compliance Assurance Manager

Tim is an ICA-certified compliance professional with over 30 years’ experience in the insurance sector. As the Compliance Assurance Manager at SunLife, Tim shares his expertise and knowledge of best practices within the industry.

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Sunlife director of sales Richard Barrett.

Richard Barrett

Director of Sales

Richard Barrett has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, where he’s worked across Pensions, Lifetime Care, Annuities and Protection. He now leads SunLife’s Telephony teams as Director of Sales.

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Sunlife director of commercial and-partnerships Ian Cooper.

Ian Cooper

Director of Commercial and Partnerships

Ian Cooper joined SunLife in 2007 and worked across Finance, Marketing, Trading and Management. In 2021, he became Director of Commercial and Partnerships, and is responsible for SunLife’s propositions, trading insight, partnerships and strategy.

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