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5 top tips to make funeral arrangements more colourful

Last updated 4th June 2019

3 min read

How colour can make funeral arrangements more personal

This season, orange is the new black. So when it comes to planning a funeral, why not forget black and opt for a splash of colour instead?

If your loved one had a vibrant personality, or if you're planning your own funeral as a celebration of life, a bright palette can make the day that bit more personal and positive. If you’re uncertain how to strike the right tone or if the idea of adding colour to funeral arrangements sounds a bit tricky, here are our 5 top suggestions to help brighten up proceedings and strike the right note for the occasion.

1. What to Wear at a Funeral

Many people don't know what to wear to a funeral. You can ask guests coming to the funeral to wear colours of their choice or stick to just one colour, such as your loved one's favourite. Go as colourful as you feel is appropriate. Feel free to go to town or be more subtle. A lovely pop of colour can be achieved by guests adding one bright piece like a scarf, tie, hair accessory or piece of jewellery to their outfits. But it's worth telling attendees that wearing colour is optional. Some older mourners may feel more comfortable dressed in traditional funeral colours.

2. Types of Funeral Flowers

Traditionally, the types of funeral flowers we choose have been white and simple, but there's nothing to stop you from going brighter. Add a hint of celebration with splashes of pink, red and yellow. Go one step further with bright floral tributes shaped to reflect a passion or hobby, like football. Or keep the funeral simple, by giving each guest a single flower to wear at the funeral or lay on the coffin.

3. Funeral Car

Who said the funeral car has to be black or silver? There's no reason why you can't break from tradition and go for a brighter form of transport. Hearses come in all sorts of colours these days. For reasons best known to his family, Roger Lloyd Pack, otherwise known as ‘Trigger’ from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ arrived at his funeral in a candy pink funeral car.

4. Coffins

When it comes to the coffin, you may be surprised at the hundreds of options out there now. As well as traditional wood, you can now choose coffins in all the colours of the rainbow. You can even arrange for family members or a specialist to paint a coffin with your own bespoke design as part of your funeral plans.

5. Balloon release

A balloon release is a touching way to bring friends and family together and add colour to funeral arrangements. Give guests a bright balloon each and ask them to think of a happy memory or make a wish as you all release them together and watch as they float away. This could be done straight after the funeral, as a tribute at the end of the wake or at a special location at another time.

Adding colour to a funeral might go against tradition but it’s a wonderful way to reflect the personality of the person and bring a sense of hope and positivity to a sad occasion. Just adding some small splashes here and there can be enough to add a personal touch to the funeral without breaking too many conventions.

When it comes to your own funeral plans, don’t forget, if no one knows what you have in mind, they won’t be able to make the funeral arrangements in the way you wanted. But it can be hard to talk about these things, which is why we created our My Perfect Send-Off planner to help you record your funeral arrangements and wishes, ready for when the time comes. It guides you through the options you may want to consider, then saves your choices for you to download and keep safe.

Or if you’re thinking about how to get help with funeral costs, the results of our latest survey into the average cost of a funeral today in your area and across the UK contains lots of useful information.